What the Heck is Labor Whisperer? (free printable)


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Let me start out by telling you what it isn’t. Labor Whisperer isn’t hippie dippy doula magic. Labor Whisperer isn’t a labor induction technique. A Labor Whisperer isn’t necessarily a medical professional.

Now, let’s talk about what Labor Whisperer is

There are 4 roadblocks we repeatedly see that can prevent some women from going into labor confident in their bodies, excited about the process, and joyous at the prospect of labor. Labor Whisperer is a protocol developed by Rowan TwoSisters to help address those blockages, make a plan for moving forward, and prepare the mind and body for the labor process.

The Labor Whisperer session begins by the Labor Whisperer getting momLabor Whisperer Lourdes Resendez Houston Doula super comfy on a nest of pillows. (A pillow nest sounds AHHHH-MAZE-ING right about now) We chat and some funny anecdotes about pregnancy and
birth are shared so mom (and her partner, if she chooses) will feel relaxed and secure to share with their Labor Whisperer. Mom gets some muscle work done to help her relax and prepare for labor. During that time, we talk about plans for birth, emotions surrounding the labor and birthing time, previous pregnancy and birth experiences and how they are affecting this pregnancy and plans for this birth, any possible factors that have the potential to prevent labor from starting, assess baby’s position, and discuss exercises for optimal fetal positioning.

Sometimes labor starts soon after. Sometimes mom needs time to work on the things we discussed. The most important aspect is that she leaves her Labor Whisperer session feeling empowered and finds joy in moving forward with the labor process.

Read what my client, Danya, has to say about her Labor Whisperer experience:

I was a little wary of the Labor Whisperer part of Lourdes’s services, but it turned out to be my favorite of all the birth preparations.  My husband and I spent an evening or two going through the questions/thinking points ahead of time – we had a guided conversation just between ourselves using the worksheet.  It gave us both a chance to talk openly about our individual and shared concerns and also to brainstorm solutions.  When Lourdes led us through the actual Labor Whisperer session, we were able to dive even deeper in the discussion – repeating some of our previous discussion helped us reaffirm our views, our birth plan, and our excitement.  I was two weeks away from my due date, but the baby ended up coming just a two days after the Laborer Whisperer session!  My labor and delivery was not what I expected – it turned out to be better!  One of my biggest concerns was that my husband would be anxious and that would cause me to become stressed and anxious.  I believe the Laborer Whisperer session relieved both of us from our anxieties and allowed us to actually enjoy the delivery.  I really did enjoy giving birth to my son – it turned out to be an intimate moment for my husband and me – one where we were both elated.  Afterwards, we kept saying “#fantasybirth” !!!  We both attribute the positive experience to Lourdes’s birth preparation sessions.

Pillow nest, removing blockages, muscle work, feeling empowered…I’m not even pregnant and I want a Labor Whisperer Session! Contact me or any of the other Houston area Labor Whisperers for more information and get your pregnancy pillow nest…er…Labor Whisperer session scheduled.

Free Birth Affirmation Printable

I created this birth affirmation printable with my client, Danya, in mind. She rocked her Fantasy Birth! Click on the image below to download your free #FantasyBirth birth affirmation printable. Post it where you will see it often as a reminder that you will do what it takes to achieve your fantasy birth. Hang it in your birthing space. **Check with your hospital or provider before taping anything to their walls.** Use cardstock for a more sturdy printable that you can save in your baby book.

Labor Whisperer #FantasyBirth Birth Affirmation

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