Private Consultations, Labor Whisperer, & Other Services

Whether you are myclient or an expectant parent looking for additional services to complete your birth experience, I have several options from which to choose.  Below is a list of a la carte options that can be added to your doula package or purchased separately.

Private Consultations

You may already have a support team in place and are not looking for the support of a doula at your birth. However, you might still have questions or some topics that you would like more information about. Private consultations take place in the comfort of your home or at my Galveston office. These consultations address questions you may have regarding pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period.

These topics may include:

  • how to write an effective birth plan (including risks and benefits of interventions)
  • introduction to and hands-on practice of coping techniques for labor
  • choosing a pediatrician
  • introduction to breastfeeding
  • optimal fetal positioning
  • newborn care
  • breastfeeding consultation
  • cloth diapering

This service is based on a rate of $50 per hour.  The average consultation lasts 2 hours. Payment is due at the time services are rendered.

If you decide to hire me as your doula after one or more consultations, the amount paid for the consultations will be applied toward doula services. The consultations we have completed will be deducted from the prenatal visits that are part of the doula package.

Birth Preparation Session

Birth Preparation is a package that combines several of the private consultation options and bundles them into a one day session. The Birth Preparation package will prepare you and your partner for your labor and birthing day with information that includes:

  • how to write an effective birth plan (including risks and benefits of interventions)
  • introduction to and hands-on practice of coping techniques for labor
  • optimal fetal positioning
  • and more

This is not a childbirth education course. This session lasts approximately 4 hours. The investment is $400. Payment is due at the time services are rendered.

If you decide to hire me as your doula following this session, the amount paid for the session will be applied toward doula services. Two prenatal visits will be deducted from the prenatal visits that are part of the doula package.

Labor Whisperer Session

Before you get too excited, I should let you know that this is not doula magic that makes you go into labor.

So what is Labor Whisperer, you ask?

It is a time set aside to prepare your mind and body for the journey of labor on which you are preparing to embark. All too often, women experience the same set of issues that prevent them from entering their labor times filled with confidence in their bodies and joy at the prospect of labor. During your Labor Whisperer Session, I will “pillow you up” and get you in a resting and relaxed position. We will chat about the plans you have for your birth, emotions you have surrounding your labor and birthing time, your previous pregnancy and birth experiences and how they are affecting this pregnancy and your plans for this birth, any possible factors that have the potential to prevent you from going into labor on your own, assess the position of your baby, and discuss exercises for optimal fetal positioning. All this will be done while I work on your muscles to help loosen and prepare them for labor. I can also give your partner pointers so they can help with muscle work in the days leading up to labor.

The investment for this 2 hour session is $200. Schedule your Labor Whisperer Session by 38 weeks so you have ample time to practice and prepare your mind and body for labor day.

The Labor Whisperer Session is included in my Birth Doula Package..

Rebirth Ceremonies

Sometimes birth does not go as planned and for various reasons, including cesarean birth, traumatic birth, or an emergency that requires the baby be taken to the NICU, the mom and her family are unable to bond with the baby following the birth.  A rebirth ceremony is designed to help mothers and family members heal from their birth experience and bond with their baby. We spend time reminiscing on the pregnancy, the family expresses their feelings surrounding the birth and we acknowledge those feelings. Then mom (and possibly dad or an older sibling) gets into an herbal bath that has been prepared for her.  The baby is given to mom and those present tell the baby how much he or she is loved, how special the baby is to the family, and how hard mom worked to give the baby a perfect birth experience.  The mother then lowers the baby’s body into the water and lifts baby out of the water and up to her chest, as one would in a water birth.  We then allow mom and baby time to bond in the herbal bath.  This ceremony can be very healing for the entire family.

Belly Binding and Sealing Ceremonies

Bengkung belly binding is a traditional belly-wrapping method that relieves the strain from physical changes that occur with abdominal muscles and organs during pregnancy and birth. The support of this wrap, from hips up to the ribcage, provides comfort and aids in recovery time, including for the intensive healing required after c-section. Bengkung binding is a great way to provide the support your tired muscles need during the postpartum period.

The wrap is traditionally done as soon after birth as possible, ideally beginning on day 2-5 and only between 2-6 weeks after a cesarean birth (depending on healing of the incision). It is recommended to wear a belly bind for 6-10 hours per day for 40 days or more.

I am happy to discuss prices and payment options regarding any of the above listed services with you. Contact me for more information.