Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta prints are made with food grade dye prior to placetna encapsulationYour body creates a placenta during pregnancy. The placenta is specific to each pregnancy and baby. It is responsible for the circulation of vital nutrients, blood and waste. It is rich in hormones and minerals. Processing your placenta (e.g., placenta encapsulation) is a safe and healthy method of aiding your body through the transition of the postpartum period.


Placentophagy is the act of ingesting the placenta either raw or in altered form.  Common methods of placental consumption are: placenta capsules, (also referred to as placenta pills), smoothie, and tincture.

Placenta encapsulation package: placenta capsules, tincture, and cord keepsakeAnectodal evidence from people who have consumed their placentas claims benefits such as:

  • helps prevent postpartum depression
  • improves breast milk supply
  • boosts postpartum energy levels
  • aids the uterus in returning to its pre-pregnancy size
  • may prevent postpartum hemorrhage and decrease postpartum bleeding
  • may prevent iron deficiency anemia


Placenta Encapsulation

Both celebrities and internet access to up-to-date information have popularized placenta encapsulation. It has become an increasingly popular request from those interested in consuming their placentas. During this process, the placenta is prepared, dehydrated, ground into a powder, then placed into a capsule for ingestion in the postpartum period to support recovery.

What you can expect when I process your placenta

Prior to the birth of your baby, I will provide you with an instruction guide for the safe transportation of your placenta. Once I am notified that your baby has arrived, I will pick up your placenta from your birthing place. I will take it to my placenta processing facility, which was carefully designed with your safety in mind. Your placenta will be inspected, cleaned, and processed in the manner you requested. I will contact you when the process is complete and schedule a time to deliver your placenta products. Upon delivery, I will review the instructions for placenta consumption and answer any questions you have.

My most requested service is raw method placenta encapsulation. The investment for this service is $250, which includes pick-up and delivery within a 30-mile radius of Friendswood, TX.

Lourdes Resendez Doula mileage radius includes Houston, Pasadena, Pearland, Lake Jackson, Galveston

Contact me to request a detailed information packet about placenta processing and a full list of placenta processing services I offer, including pricing for: Traditional Chinese Method (TCM), raw preparation, placenta smoothies, placenta truffles, and placenta prints.

Last minute placenta processing requests are welcome, depending on availability.

For more information regarding studies on placenta encapsulation, visit Evidence Based Birth  and Lamaze International, Inc’s blog Science and Sensibility.