I am honored when a family chooses to put their faith and trust in me and invites me to be part of their birth team.  One of the greatest gifts a family can give me after allowing me to attend their birth is to refer their friends and family to me. Testimonials are a wonderful way of letting others know how much a family enjoyed our time together for their birth.

Notes From Families I Have Worked With

Lourdes, you were absolutely wonderful at our home birth! You provided just the support I needed. I can’t wait to have you with us at our next birth. – Ashley D.

Lourdes was instrumental at ensuring the baby was in the perfect position for a smooth labor, that I was mentally in a good place, well rested and informed in all my decision making during the birth. I truly had the birth experience I was yearning for and Lourdes was key in making it happen. She also was helpful post partum with breast feeding, newborn questions and momma care. Definitely would recommend this excellent doula!! – Tessa C.

Lourdes was my doula for the birth of my daughter, Isabel (born July 2012). She was very friendly and understanding about everything I was going through. She helped include my husband in the whole process, which is great, because he really wasn’t sure what he was suppose to do to help. Lourdes never left my side throughout the entire time. She knew I was scared and provided knowledge, support and reassurance until I was comfortable with her leaving us to rest and bond with our baby. I was so relieved to have a friendly face and understanding ear during the whole process. I would recommend her to anyone. – Julie F.

I was going to have my daughter at a hospital that did not have a reputation as being very open minded about birthing practices, which I didn’t realize until I actually met Lourdes. However, she in no way let that affect her decision to help us.  She talked to the medical staff at the hospital to help my needs (regarding natural birth) be met at much as possible. She was firm but not rude to the hospital personnel, so they were open to her suggestions. My doctor gave me some positive feedback about her during my first visit back after having the baby. – Catherine O.

In the end, my husband had the best intentions but he wasn’t really sure how to help me during the natural birth of my daughter, so had it not been for Lourdes we would not have been able to accomplish things the way we wanted and were indeed physically able to do. My husband and I both commented later how glad we were that she was there for us. She was truly critical in helping us welcome our daughter exactly the way we wanted. If we have another child I will be contacting her again. Thanks Lourdes! – Catherine F.

Lourdes was our doula for the birth of my second son. It was so nice to have someone right there who had been in similar shoes to where we were – stuck in a hospital room with blood pressure creeping higher, and trying to decide what to do about the birth. When you’re really hoping for a VBAC and wind up with another c-section, it pretty much sucks. But I know that having the support I had from my doula and friend Lourdes really helped me with my emotional recovery after this birth – it was support I hadn’t had with my first birth. I would, and I have, recommend Lourdes to any of my friends. – Kelley E.

Ah, Lourdes. She is a wonderful woman who helped me deliver my daughter in 2010; she was my doula and now she is my friend. Initially my husband had a hard time emotionally with the delivery of my first child. He was supportive as he could be, but it was too rough for him and he felt helpless despite his doctorate degree and the birthing classes. He was the one who had the idea to hire a doula when we found out I was pregnant again, so I just started researching until I found Lourdes. When I started developing complications during the pregnancy, she was just a phone call away and answered all of my medical questions. It was nice to have her to call on when I wasn’t sure about what was going on.

When I started having contractions she started preparing herself to be by my side the entire time. From that moment on she was there until my daughter was born. She has a very gentle and calm since about her that is very soothing and she knows just what to do at the right time. Despite all my complications I was able to deliver my daughter with the help of my Doula, Lourdes and my husband with no pain medicine at the hospital. Lourdes was there for me physically, emotionally and she was my support system. Lourdes was also a huge help for my husband and helped him to assist me the entire time as well. I had both of them supporting me the entire time and my husband was more engaged in helping me than with our first child. Which surprised me since he wanted to hide away in the waiting room, but Lourdes showed him what to do and supported him as well.

After the delivery I continued to have complications, which resulted in me having to go back into the hospital. Lourdes came to visit me at the hospital and talked to me about everything that was going on with me medically. She was very knowledgeable and experienced.

Lourdes will forever have a special place in my heart. – Crystal S

You DID dispel fear and anxiety, gave Andrea confidence, and supported her. We loved you right away and I’m thrilled that we’ve all remained close. We’re behind you 100%! You’re wonderful! ~ Mona K.

Lourdes was my doula for my second baby, Presley. She was so wonderful. We had a hospital birth but labored at home with the help of her. I had a completely natural birth and it was everything that I imagined. Lourdes helped me get comfortable and focused during labor. This being my second child and expecting her to make an earlier arrival than her sister did (who came on her own at 38 weeks), Lourdes helped me get Presley into position with some positioning techniques. At the points when I felt like giving up near the end she helped calm me to make it through! – Sara D.

I had a drug free birth {at a hospital}. I had Kimberly Foster and Lourdes Resendez as my doulas.  Lourdes was there with me during the delivery.  She was absolutely amazing in supporting me. I would not have had an all natural delivery without her support. I wish I had hired a doula with my 2 other sons. – Michele H.

Lourdes helped deliver our first baby, Eli, in 2012.  She is my doula’s backup doula so I met her for the first time when I am 4 cm dilated at the hospital laboring.  Despite the fact that I have not met Lourdes before, she makes me feel completely comfortable and confident that I have the support I need to give birth to my baby without pain killing drugs even though I have been in back labor at home for the past 5 days.  Lourdes is friendly but stern enough to let me know what I need to do and what I can expect during the labor.  Her strength gives me strength to follow my heart and face the laboring pain without feeling despair.  Laboring and giving birth is not an easy task and I envy the moms out there who gives birth quickly.  Lourdes is with me the whole time (12 hours of labor) while my midwife was not able to be at the room which is expected since the midwife has other moms she needs to tend to as well.  Now, almost two years later, I still think back to that day and I know in my heart that Lourdes had made a tremendous difference in my birthing experience and now I am ready to hire her again for my second baby who is due in Oct! – Lily C.

With all of her warmth, energy, and wisdom, I could never thank Lourdes enough for the incredible empowering birth experience I had! With all of the challenges that labor brought, Lourdes was my light and security. – Kayla M.

Lourdes, you are an amazing woman. Without your help it would’ve been a nightmare. You eased our pain when we needed it and you gave us encouragement and strength when we needed it most. Your help has made us feel that you are not just our doula but a part of our family. We could not have picked a better person than you to share our moment with us. – Jeremy B.

 Notes about Childbirth Education Courses

My husband and I took a Birth Education class conducted by Lourdes Resendez and Melissa White. Conveniently, the class was only one full day instead of split into several over a longer time frame. The cost of the class was affordable and included lunch and snacks. The setting was calm and welcoming with a reasonable number of couples as part of the group, which allowed for a relaxed environment. Everyone felt comfortable asking questions, sharing personal information and laughing over stories. Each couple was provided a binder that included the curriculum, additional listed resources supporting the subjects covered, and a few helpful articles. Information was presented on prenatal care, labor, and post-labor in a manner that was easy to follow and comprehend. It was beneficial to have the abundance of knowledge provided in all learning styles: with written format and other visual aides, listening, and hands-on demonstrations and practice. It would be my strong recommendation for an expectant couple to invest in the Birth Education class conducted by these ladies. Ultimately it is valuable to both mothers and fathers in understanding the vital steps leading up to labor, techniques to use in a natural birth scenario, coping methods for various potential events, and an abundance of useful advice and/or guidance to parenting. – Monica G.

My husband and I opted for a private childbirth class with Lourdes because our schedule didn’t allow for us to attend other classes. Lourdes came to our home a few times with her props and taught us everything we needed to know. She provided a comprehensive curriculum that covered topics like what to expect in labor, interventions and their risks and benefits, hands on techniques for coping with labor, breastfeeding, how to care for a newborn, and more.  She has so much knowledge about pregnancy and birth.  We finished our class feeling equipped to face labor and life with a new baby. – Erin S.


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  1. Absolutely wonderful! I was able to give birth to my daughter and labor without the help of any medical interventions or pain aids. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of Lourdes! My husband was iffy at first about hiring a doula because he didn’t want someone “bossing” him around. Lourdes and my husband worked great together and they were the ultimate tag team when it came to my daughter’s birth. Not only was Lourdes wonderful at my birth, she also worked with me to get my labor started because I was facing an induction. After we worked together for the day my water broke that night! I will definitely be using her again if we decide to have more children.

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